Learn to play Hey Jude on Saxophone

Hey-Jude-Sax-Warren-Hill-backing-trackHey Jude has been covered by many saxophone players over the years. This song was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon and originally performed by the Beatles.

If you’ve been searching for a saxophone version of Hey Jude, you’ve most likely have come across the Warren Hill. It’s an awesome version and I think he does a great job putting his own flavour on the song. If you haven’t heard that version, you can listen to it here or just do a google search “Hey Jude Warren Hill version”.

Hey Jude sax sheet music

If you are a new visitor to my website,I just want to mention real quick that this is a membership site for learning Saxophone. I’ve put together a pretty big and detailed lesson for this song, because it’s been one of the top requests from my members. You can access and download the sheet music to Hey Jude for Alto sax and Tenor sax inside the Sax school.

I walk you through the arrangement step by step and you’ll learn to play both the basic melody and an transcribed solo. These things combined makes for a great performance of this song and I help and I also guide you to getting the phrasing right in this lesson. It’s a great song and arrangement that fits intermediate and advanced players.

So, this isn’t your regular 1-video-“how it’s done” type of lesson. This lesson is divided into 8 videos, which will guide you through each step of learning and performing Hey Jude.

Hey Jude sax backing track

Backing track SaxophoneThis is what really makes this lesson stand out in my opinion. If you’ve been looking for a Sax backing track in the style of Warren Hills version of Hey Jude, then you’re not alone.

I’ve also been searching for quite some time. I could find one that sounded good enough or even close enough to his version, so I decided to produce my own backing track and share it with my members.

The backing track was professionally recorded and mixed by me, Greger Hillman, in my studio. It works perfectly together with the sheet music and is available inside the sax school for all members. Check it out below.


Listen to the Arrangement of the entire song

Here you can listen to the entire arrangement where I’m playing the version which you’ll be learning inside this saxophone lesson.


If you're in ahurry and want the short version take a look at this version instead......

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