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This is what you get access to inside for members area:

  • High Quality Video Lessons that will supercharge your playing
  • Learn New Songs and Techniques in Step-by-Step Videos
  • Pro Sax Tips and Tricks to improve your playing
  • Resources for practicing: drum loops
  • BONUS: Guides to using Garageband for recording yourself


What is the Saxophone Hub?

This website was created out of the passion of playing and teaching how to play the saxophone.
Learn more in step by step videos that are both personal and highly instructional by Greger Hillman, the founder and creator of


This is what the students think about the lessons

Hello Greger, I used to play saxophone a long time ago and recently decided to give it another go, because I have some time to do so now. I found one of your videos on Youtube and that’s how I came over to your site.”

“I decided to join, just to try out your premium training and I’ve been blown away by the time and effort you’ve put into making these videos available. I almost feel bad that I’m not paying you more for all this! Keep up the good work and thank you for your personal help by email. That really shows that you care!”

~ Mike D

“Hello Greger, Absolutely Love the way that you break up the lessons. I will be spending some good time this weekend starting this song phrase by phrase”

~ Vinny G

“Thank you for sharing knowledge and your passion. Saw some of your videos and website. Simple, easy to understand and look forward to learning more from you.”

~ Stanley Samuel

“Playing the saxophone has been on my bucket list for a long time. I finally got my hands on an alto sax and started to play around with it a bit. I quickly realized that I needed help with how I’m supposed to play the thing, because I was getting a lot of squeeks and wierd noices.

Your videos on embouchure and mouth position made all the difference and I’ve been working through your modules for beginners. Very detailed and good information. I really like that you have recorded background music to the songs. It makes me sound better”

~ Sonya


Top Features

Learn by High Quality Saxophone Video Lessons at your convenience. The Sax School is open 24/7 and you have access to a library of Video Lessons, Sheet Music and Mp3-files. Get Instant Access to the  Saxophone membership and let the fun begin!

  • High Quality Video Lessons
  • Sheet Music and Worksheets
  • Inspirational performance tips of the songs

Saxophone Lessons Online on the go

This website responsive, which means that it’s easily accessible on any device. Many of us do most of our online learning from tablets and phones. That’s why this “On the Go“-feature is great. It enables you to access the videos and other material from your phone or tablet, just as easily as from your computer.


Instant Access to high quality Video lessons, Mp3-files and Worksheets.
Available 24/7 at the convenience of your home or on the go.